Loving Lake Life


Very windy today after a few days of stormy weather. I checked the rain gauge in the front yard and it measured 4 1/2 inches. The lake was up about that amount as well.

I like the wind. I like seeing what direction it comes from. Unfortunately for us on the east side of the lake, we get most of the waves hitting our beach (rip rap), but that’s ok. On a hot day the wind really cools. The wind tells me a little bit about the upcoming weather. If the waves are coming from the south, I anticipate warmer weather with a possible rain. When the storm passes, usually the wind comes out of the north and it cools off a bit and we get the nice clear skies. It doesn’t always happen that way, but there definitely is a cycle. My favorite mornings are the ones when the lake is completely calm and I can walk down on the dock and see the little fish darting around. The sunlight at that time lights up the western shore and the cabins reflect the sun back to me. It’s nice.

Living on a lake is nice. I love it. I’ve had a dream to live on a lake for many years. That dream finally came true in the spring of 2013 when my wife and I were able to purchase our lake home on Jewett Lake. We’ve worked hard to keep improving it, but that’s part of the fun.

I am starting this blog because I want to share my thoughts about living on a lake, information about the lakes in the area, and hopefully comments and observations from others who enjoy lake life.

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