Ottertail County Fair

FairI am sitting at a booth in the exhibition building at the West Otter Tail Fairgrounds. I have had an opportunity to chat with a lot of friends and meet new people.  The experience has brought back many memories.

The fair has been a summer tradition for many people. What has stood out in my mind is how important it is for 4H families. They bring their animals, they display their crafts and projects, and they make presentations. I was never in 4H, but my wife Carrie was. I know it was a tremendous experience for her and I know that the 4H experience builds strong character in the youth who are involved.

Image-1 (3)When I was a kid, it was always about the rides. So much fun to go fast, and upside down, and feel the rush of the g-forces. That hasn’t changed today as I could hear the screams and laughter from outside on the midway. The biggest difference is that it costs a bit more today, but even back in my day it was quite a sacrifice for my parents to allow me a few rides.

Funnel CakesAs I got older, and still today, the fair has meant great food. I love the cheese curds and the foot-long hot dogs that are sold in the food area.  And the sugary donuts. You can’t leave until you’ve had some of them.  Never mind the indigestion that comes later; it tastes so good!  And the 4H food building and the milk shake booth are always great attractions.

But mostly, the fair is great place to see people you haven’t seen for awhile. I had an opportunity to talk to many whom I have know in different stages of my life.

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