Willy T’s at Thumper Pond

August 22 motorcycle adventure
WillyT's LogoSometimes when Carrie asks to go on a motorcycle ride, it means we should find somewhere (out there) to eat. I never need my arm twisted to go for a ride, especially to eat good food. So last August 22, we set out on a motorcycle adventure.

Willy T’s has excellent food and a wonderful atmosphere. WillyTburgerThe hamburger’s are awesome so that’s where we decided to have our motorcycle date. Since Willy T’s is at the golf course that I frequent often, I thought it wise to hit golf balls on the range before we ate.

So we drove our motorcycle to the range with a few clubs affixed to the back behind Carrie. I hit a few golf balls while Carrie captured video of my problematic swing using our ipad. We got back to our motorcycle and tried to start it. Battery dead. Oh no, what are we going to do? Who can we call? Are we going to have to walk home? (23 miles)

I decided to try a trick that I remember from my 350 Yamaha days (1974-75) I got on the heavy 1986 Honda Goldwing 1200 with my feet barely touching the ground, and I started moving it a little. Carrie (with her bum knee) got behind the motorcycle and started to push.  We were moving. I put the bike into 1st gear and let out the clutch. The engine roared to life. Yeah!      …     But now what? I know it won’t start again by the battery. We haven’t eaten yet. What do we do? We decided to park it on the highest side of the parking lot, hoping that we could push-start it again if we needed. A small gamble when it comes to food.


We decided to sit inside looking out at the patio and my favorite golf course Thumper Pond. We probably should have sat outside on such a beautiful evening, but it was warm out, and I was a little sweaty from hitting golf balls, pushing the motorcycle, and stressing. The air conditioning felt pretty good.

After a nice meal we rode home at a safe 55 mph, always on the lookout for deer. (Oh, the motorcycle miraculously started by battery)





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