A Better Mouse Trap

I have always used a mouse trap like this. Cheap and it caught mice once in awhile.

Last November, in anticipation of a snowy winter, I brought my snowmobiles on a trailer into the garage. They had been sitting all summer under a tarp in my brother’s woods, so I knew they might have some mice in them. I had taken off the tarp and snowmobile covers outside. Holes in the covers were a good clue that mice had been having a field day under the tarps. The smell was also a good indication.  Well, I made some noise, and left them untarped for a few days, hoping the mice would leave the snowmobiles and get back to nature.

I brought the trailer into the garage, despite my wife’s protestations that she didn’t want any mice in the garage.

“There aren’t any left,” I said, convinced that the smelly dryer sheets would have scared them away.

I set my normal trap (shown above) with lots of peanut butter loaded into the trap trigger area. The next day. Peanut butter gone. Trap still set.

I tried it again. Same thing.

So I went to Fleet Farm and purchased a different type of a trap, same company, Victor mouse trap.

I loaded this baby up with peanut butter and was a little skeptical. This trap didn’t shut as violently as those other traps which scare the wits out of me when I set them down and jar them a bit. Anyway, I set one out alongside the normal old trap.

Next day I found a cute little brown mouse trimmed in white fur, dead in the new trap. The peanut butter was gone in the old trap and it was still set. Hmmm.

I did it again the next evening. Same result. Another dead mouse.

I kept this up until I had caught six more, one a day, unbeknownst to my wife. Finally, no more mice. All dead I hope. Took the snowmobiles out after a good cleaning under the hood. Really hoping that I don’t get that familiar aroma when the sleds heat up out on the trail.


Buy a better mouse trap.


Keep the snowmobiles out of the garage.

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