Wood Ducks

In March Carrie purchased two wood duck houses. I nailed them up on two trees with the entrances facing the water. I put some cedar wood shavings inside for nesting material. To our delight we have been watching wood ducks in the trees.

The tree that I put the wood duck house on in the picture on the right was quite slanted, so I wasn’t sure that it would work. A duck has taken up residence. I hope the slant doesn’t bother.

I didn’t realize how different the male and female were in looks until I worked with these pictures this morning. I knew mallards have distinct differences. But certainly the male wood duck is prettier than his female counterpart. So why did God make human females so much more beautiful than males???

She looks a little bit like she has a few eggs in her. I need to find out how many eggs she lays each night??? And how does she get through the house entrance with so many eggs inside her??

Two nights ago I was sitting at our campfire spot looking out over the lake. Two wood ducks flew across my view, from right to left, in tight formation, like two fighter planes in tandem. They were scoping me and their home out. Then they made a wide circle out toward the middle of the lake, turned, and flew directly at me. When they reached my bank, they veered sharply to my left, still in tight formation. The female braked right before the wood duck house and slipped quickly inside. The male kept right on going, confident that he had escorted his lovely wife safely home. What a cool experience for me! Next time I hope I have my video camera available when they make their first pass.

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