The Heart of a Teacher

A few months ago as I was reading a real estate article, I ran across this quote from Dave Ramsey.  It instantly hit home with me because I have been a teacher for so many years, and now I find myself continuing to teach, especially as I work with young buyers. I love the opportunity to share what I have learned over the years as a homeowner and what I am learning now with each transaction as a Realtor.

I have subscribed to a service that provides information about home buying and selling each day. I post some on Facebook. I post some in Google Plus, Twitter, Linked-in and Pinterest. They also give me a blog page which shows all these posts and categorizes them as being of interest for buyers or for sellers.

I am choosing to use this service because I find the information very helpful. I try to read each article every day to educate myself. If someone were thinking of buying or selling, reading up about the process is helpful.

I am also able to distribute an EGUIDE to anyone who requests it from this site.

The information found in these EGUIDES is very helpful. Click on the image to go to a page to order this Guide.

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