Rhythm of Lake Life

What is it about living on a lake? For some it’s water fun, boating, swimming, fishing. I think for me it’s the view and the increased awareness of the turning of the seasons, and nature’s rhythm. Living in town I experienced seasons, but nothing like on the lake.

Every morning when I get up and have my cup of coffee in the living room, I get mesmerized looking out the windows at the lake. Lately, I’ve been noticing the ice. It froze over sometime last weekend, smooth as glass. Then a little warmth came yesterday with the wind and the middle opened up and I thought the ice would all disappear. Inevitably, the ice will stay. The lake will get its winter cover protecting the world beneath. God’s design. Just the top freezes. The fish live on.

I’ve watched sunsets almost every evening, now late afternoon, except during the grey days when everything turns grey, now with leaves gone and  color drained from the grass. Moods certainly get affected by the grey. One can almost feel yearning for the white to cover the frozen, bare ground. And snow will come, reflecting a new brilliance to the sun as it makes its route through the sky, lower though and setting much closer to the south than the north side of the lake.

The rhythm of the seasons now brings us indoors mostly, to longer evenings around the fireplace, and the treasured moments of the holidays. This is also quieter time, a time for more reflection. God is so good. God is faithful to provide. I am so thankful for all his blessings.

O give thanks unto the Lord, for He is good and His mercy endureth forever.

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