Amazing Transaction

I helped Mark and Cathy find a home. We started looking a year-and-a-half ago. We looked at several houses. Whenever a home with main floor living showed up, I let them know. Nothing quite fit their needs. Mark had let me know that he was kind of interested in the twin homes up in Aspen Village by the mall. Nothing was available, that is, until last December. Gay Folden was listing a four bedroom twin home in Aspen, and he had asked me to come and look at it with him. Right away, I thought of Mark and Cathy. So I emailed Mark and let him know of this home.

Mark and Cathy came and looked at the home. Immediately they liked it. After a few days of consideration, they made an offer which was contingent on the sale of their home. With some negotiating, their offer was accepted. Now we needed to sell their house. And that’s the amazing part.

A few days before, Kyle and Melissa had called me to help them with the sale of their house. They had a buyer but needed to look for a home for themselves. We started looking. Meanwhile, Mark’s brother-in-law told his daughter Melissa that Mark’s home was available. They called me and I arranged a showing. They looked and liked and agreed to purchase it. So we scheduled a closing date for all three home sales. Each family took care of their loan arrangements and then we waited. Inspections. Title work. Appraisals. Loan Approvals. The days passed without any complications and the closings took place without a hitch.

The Good Shepherd church body pitched in with cleaning and moving. I was amazed at how God’s hand could be seen in all of this. In a comment to my Facebook post, someone had written “answer to prayer.” This transaction really was an answer to prayer.

My sister Cathy is one of the strongest persons I know. I have seen her struggle these past years with MS, but she has always been able to smile. I have never heard her complain. But I know that going up the stairs each night to her bedroom was a huge task. When she told me on move-in day, that last night she had counted those steps for the last time, I was overwhelmed with gratitude. I am so thankful that God allowed me to be used to answer prayers on Cathy’s behalf.

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