Rookie of the Year

Looks kinda old to be a rookie!

I have just completed my second full year as a real estate agent for Century 21 Vista. I was honored at our annual Lakes Area Realtor Get-Together at the Otter Supper Club with the “Rookie of the Year” award for 2018. I have much to be thankful for after changing careers at the age of 60.  God has blessed my family.

So first, I am thankful to God who has provided for all my needs everyday. Each day I pray The Lord’s Prayer, which includes the petition to God to “give us this day our daily bread” and he has answered that prayer and has blessed me with family, home, church and vocation.

Second, I am thankful for the clients that I worked with this past year. It was such a joy to walk alongside them as they searched for a home, or looked to sell their home. I’m thankful for these friendships that were formed and hope that my work with them provided help, joy and benefit.

To change vocations at sixty years of age is a scary proposition. So third, I am thankful for the support I received from my wife (an HGTV junky) and close friends who gave me confidence that I would be successful as a realtor.

Fourth, I am thankful for my broker at Century 21 Vista. Alan Olson, from the first interview until now, has constantly given me encouragement. I remember that interview, being very nervous about having to rely totally on sales commission to live. As a teacher, each year I had received a contract telling me how much salary I would receive each month. Now I really needed to step out in faith and trust God to provide and also trust that Alan’s prediction for me was correct. He told me that in two years I would be earning an amount that was higher than I had hoped for. It turns out he was right. Last year I did earn what he had predicted. Thank you, Alan, for the confidence you instilled in me.

Fifth, I am so grateful for the agents that I work with at Century 21 who truly do work as a team. From Linnae Leary I have observed how important it is to be caring and to go out of my way for clients. From Leslie Flugstad I have learned to always strive for excellence and to be loyal to the C21 brand and cheer one another on. From Gay Folden, my mentor, I have learned the important details of how to successfully navigate a sales transaction from start to finish. He was always ready with insight and a short story from his experience when I would bring my questions to him. And his thoroughness with the details has been a great model for me. Finally I am grateful to John Olson, a man whom I have admired greatly in the 40+ years I have known him. He has been such an encouragement, so quick to give a compliment, and such an inspiration to me. I strive to treat people in the same way John has treated me.

Finally, I am so thankful for my SPHERE OF INFLUENCE, the marketing term for my family, relatives, friends, former associates, people I know. As I look to who I did business with in 2018, over 60% came from my sphere of influence.

I am hoping that as I gain more experience that I continue to earn your trust so that you will use me as your real estate agent for your selling/buying needs or that you will refer me to someone you know who needs realtor assistance.

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  1. Congratulations, Charlie!

    Al and I both enjoyed meeting you and working with you. We appreciate your expertise, and professionalism.

    Our experience with you in helping sell our home was very good.

    If we hear of anyone having any Real Estate Service needs, we’ll be happy to refer them to you.

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