From Teacher to Realtor…

Charlie Brue has committed to pursue a career in real estate that is justC21 logo (1in) as successful as his career in education. He completed the education requirements through Kaplan University and Century 21 Vista. He received his license in May of 2016 and has joined the staff of 25 professionals at Century 21 Vista.
He is confident that his genuine care for individuals, his tendency to listen more than talk, his creativity and versatility, his eye for design, and his love of building makes him an agent that will give his clients a great experience selling or buying a home.


SunsetCharlie and Carrie now live on Jewett Lake and enjoy fixing, updating and beautifying their lake home. They have three married children and three grandchildren.They love their daily glimpses of God’s creation at the lake. Charlie is also a more passionate than proficient golfer.

Charlie is well acquainted with Ottertail county, having lived in the area for 43 years. He enters the real estate profession realizing a dream that has been his for many years. His experiences and knowledge gained in a multitude of areas have prepared him for the real estate profession. Having lived and worked in Ottertail county most of their lives, Charlie and his wife Carrie have had an impact on thousands of lives, and he will now have a real estate impact on them and more in the many years to come.

BrueFam195960’s        Building a Foundation

He was born in Fergus Falls to Donald and Verna Mae Brue.  His father was a teacher and a minister.  A strong Christian faith was instilled early by his parents. The family lived in Fergus Falls and Portland, OR.  Charlie was taught the value of hard work, honesty and integrity, and he learned at an early age to do all things as “unto the Lord.”



Hillcrest70’s        Formal Schooling

Charlie attended Hillcrest Lutheran Academy, graduating with honors in 1974. He then went on to the Fergus Falls Community College and Moorhead State University where he received a BS degree in Language Arts.



80’s        Non-profit Management/Construction

After graduating from the Lutheran Brethren Seminary in 1982, Charlie and his wife Carrie began their Christian camping ministry at Inspiration Point Bible Camp.  The camp board had been considering closing the camp, but they chose to hire Charlie as camp manager instead.  In six years, camp usage tripled and a new winterized lodge was built.  Charlie wore many hats as the sole employee at that time and was able to use his people, marketing and building skills to facilitate the growth.  Charlie also worked for Berge construction in the summer of 1989, learning valuable carpentry skills that have been put to use in a summer deck building business (off and on for 25 years) and for many remodeling projects in his own homes.

90’s        Public School Teaching

Charlie taught English for two years in Warren, MN. He continued to pursue his interest in computers, serving on technology improvement committees and bringing the yearbook into the digital age.  He then spent six years teaching in Perham, and was instrumental in developing an English/Computer interdisciplinary class.

Coach12000’s   Christian School Teaching

Charlie returned to Fergus Falls and began a 17-year stint as teacher/coach at Hillcrest Lutheran Academy. He taught a variety of classes including English, Bible, computer applications, desktop publishing, multimedia, video, website development, journalism, yearbook, accounting, programming, computer aided drafting, and drama, all of which have prepared him for his real estate career.
He was Head Football coach for 11 winning seasons, leading the Comets to Section Finals twice. Later in his tenure, Charlie served as Athletic Director, which included coordinating the popular 64-team Hillcrest Invitational basketball tournament. Charlie was passionate about teaching his students to work hard, to go beyond what they thought was possible, and to prize integrity. Charlie is diligent to apply those values to himself.