Home Buying Seminar

Buying a home is the most important transaction you will ever do.

Join us in this seminar for information about ….

  • Home Buying Process
  • Financing Your Home
  • Insuring Your Home
  • Building a New Home

Come with your questions!

February 28     – 6:00-8:00 pm
Fergus Falls Public Library Meeting Room

Jewett Lake | When Will It Freeze?

Watching the lake and its changes.

These pictures were taken on December 2nd. The lake had been frozen over completely at the end of November. 

Then we experienced several days of mighty winds, and all the ice broke up and was pushed to our shore, making beautiful patterns of ice, but not boding well for the future skating rink. When the sun hit these chunks of ice, they looked like some sort of jewel. Very beautiful!

Finally, on Dec 14 everything was frozen, but the ice looked suspicious. Still several brave fishermen had their houses out, supposedly on 8″ thick ice.

Now after many below zero nights the ice is safe and we hope to have some fun out there during the New Year’s weekend.

JEWETT LAKE | Freeze Thaw Wind Creates Bumpy Ice on East Shore

Jewett Lake was frozen over several weeks ago. Then warm weather came and opened up the middle. Several days of high winds expanded the open middle and pushed ice chunks onto the eastern shore creating a beautiful ice scene.

On the negative side, this uneven ice will not make for good skating during Christmas vacation when my kids come home. Oh well.  Sure is pretty.

Willy T’s at Thumper Pond

August 22 motorcycle adventure
WillyT's LogoSometimes when Carrie asks to go on a motorcycle ride, it means we should find somewhere (out there) to eat. I never need my arm twisted to go for a ride, especially to eat good food. So last August 22, we set out on a motorcycle adventure.

Willy T’s has excellent food and a wonderful atmosphere. WillyTburgerThe hamburger’s are awesome so that’s where we decided to have our motorcycle date. Since Willy T’s is at the golf course that I frequent often, I thought it wise to hit golf balls on the range before we ate. Continue reading “Willy T’s at Thumper Pond”