Good time to LIST YOUR HOME in Fergus Falls

I created these infographs using Residential/Rural  Residential Home Sales for Fergus Falls addresses. Generally speaking sales are up in 2016, but inventory remains low. If you have any thoughts of selling your home, this is a good time to LIST. Call me at 218-205-6568 if you would like to discuss selling your home. I would be happy to look at your home and to give you a market analysis of your home’s value.

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Summer is Ending

State FairSummer is just about over. With August winding down we begin to see tell-tale signs of fall. Some leaves are starting to fall, the nights are cooler, darkness comes earlier, and the State Fair is attracting crowds in the cities.

Many of you when you see me ask, “How’s it going with your new adventure?”  My answer: “Very good!”  My summer is summarized in one word: EDUCATION. I have been learning a lot. Continue reading “Summer is Ending”